The Philosophy Department’s learning objectives for graduating majors are as follows:

Philosophical insight: Sustaining an ethic of inquiry; formulating and pursuing one’s own questions in dialogue with the major thinkers and texts of the tradition.

Writing: Developing a distinct style and voice; mastery of grammar and mechanics to produce clear and forceful prose.

Research: Realization of self-directed research and independent projects; ability to integrate secondary sources fluidly.

Participation: Fully engaged presence in the classroom; ability to develop questions and conversations in a constructive manner with the professor and fellow students. Advanced capacity for giving both formal and informal presentations.

Reasoning: Proficiency in textual analysis; ability to compare and evaluate disparate texts and arguments; ability to integrate textual analysis, argument analysis and evaluation.

Reading: Mastery of a variety of styles of text, with the ability to understand the core concepts and arguments, as well as to raise substantive questions about both.

Content areas: Acquisition of a solid foundation in the history of philosophy, with particular emphasis on students having a grounding in ethics, either historical or applied.