old state house

The Government Department’s learning objectives for graduating majors are as follows:

  • Understand the institutions and rules that govern and structure political decision-making
  • Understand fundamental concepts of legal and political philosophy and ideology such as liberty, equality, democracy, power, representation, and justice
  • Understand the political and economic relations among nations
  • Understand the major forms of government in the world
  • Comprehend the relationship between the individual, civil society, and the state
  • Encourage students to become active and well-informed citizens
  • To know and apply concepts from the most seminal works of political inquiry and how they are applied to essential political questions and the ways societies organize themselves

Upon graduating, students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate and analyze quantitative and qualitative research
  • Read critically and systematically
  • Write effectively in a variety of formats, including formulating essential questions
  • Organize evidence and construct complex written argument
  • Identify and gain access to appropriate information and sources
  • Orally articulate complex ideas in an organized, persuasive, and rigorous manner