Department Faculty and Staff

The Department of Engineering is located in Archer 301, 41 Temple Street, Boston, MA 02114. The departmental fax line is 617.367.5063 (unless otherwise noted).

Lisa Shatz
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Office: Archer 306
Tel: 617.573.8234

Craig Christensen
Associate Professor
Office: Archer 309
Tel: 617.573.8676

Igor Kreydin
Assistant Professor
Office: Archer 322
Phone: 617.994.4297 

Scott Lussier
Instructor/GIS Specialist
Office: Archer 361
Phone: 617.973.1186 

Mohamed C. Zatet
Associate Professor
Office: Archer 307
Tel: 617.573.8675

Mostapha Ziad
Associate Professor
Office: Archer 308
Tel: 617.573.8349

Chathan M. Cooke
Visiting Professor
Office: Archer 310
Tel: 617.573.8565


Esther Anastasia
Administrative Staff
Office: Archer 301
Tel: 617.573.8230

Tom Vales
Lab Coordinator
Office: Archer 332
Tel: 617.573.5399