Brad Phillips, ‘08

Economist for Country Intelligence Group, IHS Global Insight, Boston

In five years’ time, will the average citizen of Oman earn an income large enough to wield consumer power? Is Lebanon’s banking sector healthy?

As an economist focusing on the Middle East and North Africa, Brad Phillips needs to know the answers to these and other intriguing questions his clients may ask.

“My job demands a lot from the left and right sides of my brain,” he says. “My region is an incredible hotbed for a number of pending political, social, and economic issues,” Brad continues. “I have to be ready to disseminate an explicit, quantified analysis of how current events may affect the local, regional, and global economies.”

He writes comprehensive reports, hones forecast models, develops alternative scenario models, and prepares client presentations in order to meet this goal—all while performing his own research.

His graduate studies prepared him for the rigors of his profession. “It was necessary for me to attend a graduate program that bridged economic theory with business practicality,” he says. “Suffolk introduced me to the tools and software that economists use on a regular basis.”