Graduate Placement

For information on our graduate students seeking jobs, please contact:

Professor Jongbyung Jun

Graduate Placement Officer
Phone: (617) 994-4257
Fax: (617) 994-4216

New PhDs Seeking Positions 2013/2014

Timothy S. Lambie-Hanson

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Political Economics
Job Market Paper: Agency and Incentives: Vertical Integration in the Mortgage Foreclosure Industry
References: Darlene Chisholm, Haldun Evrenk (Boston University), Alison Kelly (teaching)

Ryan H. Murphy

Fields: Behavioral Economics, Public Choice, Public Finance
Job Market Paper: Willingness to Pay for Caplanian Irrationality
References: David Tuerck, Benjamin Powell, Roger Koppl (Syracuse University)

Colin W. O'Reilly

Fields: Economic Development, Post-Conflict Recovery, Institutions and Economic Growth, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Firm Investment Decisions in the Post-Conflict Context
References: Jonathan Haughton, Benjamin Powell, Allison Kelly (teaching)

Zhaowei Wang

Fields: Financial Economics, Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Identifying Bubbles in Chinese Financial Markets
References: Jonathan Haughton, Alison Kelly

Yi Zhang

Fields: Energy Economics, Family Economics, Behavior Economics, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Links Between the Price of Crude Oil and US Exchange Rate
References: Jonathan Haughton, Jongbyung Jun, Darlene Chisholm, Alison Kelly