The senior project allows you to showcase your talents and interests. This project offers an opportunity for you to work independently and one-on-one with a faculty advisor on a topic of your choice. Senior projects can feature interdisciplinary research involving other sciences.

Recent Senior Projects

  • Cell phone remote control of a home with status reports
  • Solar energy tracker and data logger
  • Special guitar pedal effects
  • Fire extinguishing robot
  • Automatic home protection with remote monitoring
  • Homemade portable power generator system
  • Shadowing robot
  • Buck-boost power conversion off of a solar panel
  • Tactile street-crossing guide for the blind
  • Automatic bird feeder with squirrel deterrent
  • Currency identifier for the blind
  • Voice-changing unit
  • Automated pill dispenser and alarm
  • RFID Handshake
  • Soccer robots controlled by a camera feedback system
  • Electronically monitored martial arts punching shield