Suffolk University Department of Psychology Continuing Education (CE) Credit Policy

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Continuing Education in Psychology (CEP) is an ongoing process consisting of formal learning activities that (1) are relevant to psychological practice, education and science, (2) enable psychologists to keep pace with emerging issues and technologies, and (3) allow psychologists to maintain, develop, and increase competencies in order to improve services to the public and enhance contributions to the profession.

The content of continuing education is the crucial component of programs intended to develop, maintain, or increase conceptual and applied competencies that are relevant to psychological practice, education, and science. CE programs may include content related to well-established psychological principles, or may be based on content that extends current theory, method, and practice.

In order to make high-quality CE programs available to as many psychologists as possible, sponsors are encouraged to jointly collaborate with other organizations. The Suffolk University Department of Psychology is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. The Psychology Department maintains responsibility for the program. If any other department within Suffolk University would like to collaborate with the Psychology Department on any CE programs, please contact the Psychology Department at 617-573-8293 or send an email to Please see our three tiered fee schedule for continuing education credits at the end of this document. Please fill out the following application if you want the Psychology Department to provide CE credits for a speaker/seminar series. The application is due to the Psychology Department no later than one week prior to the event date.

Successful continuing education in psychology requires careful educational planning resulting in a clear statement of educational objectives. Every program offered for CE credit has predetermined learning objectives. Learning objectives clearly define what the participant will know or be able to do as a result of having attended the program. An example of a Learning Objectives sheet from a past CE seminar can be found here.

Evaluation of CE programs is for the purpose of (1) increasing participant learning (2) helping the workshop presenter accomplish his or her learning objectives, and (3) improving current and future programs. All programs require a direct assessment of participant learning. Satisfaction evaluations include assessment of the instructor's level of knowledge and expertise, and teaching ability. Satisfaction evaluations provide feedback that is useful both to the sponsor and the instructor(s) for the purpose of planning and improving future programs. For programs where credit is offered on a session-by-session basis (e.g., conferences, conventions, etc.), each session must be evaluated separately. A blank Satisfaction Evaluation can be found here.

The awarding of CE credit is based on participation in learning activities as outlined in this document. CE programs are at least one hour in length. Credit is awarded only for actual instructional time. Variable credit for partial attendance will not be awarded. For programs that involve a variety of sessions (e.g., conferences, conventions, etc.), credits will be awarded on a session-by-session basis. Sponsors will verify full attendance by consulting sign-in sheets.

Sponsors will award CE credit for psychologists on the basis of one credit per one hour of instructional time, and will award credit only in units of whole or half hours. Sponsors will provide documentation to each participant that includes the name and date of the activity, the number of CE credits earned, and a signature from the sponsoring organization. Sponsors will be able to verify the awarding of CE credit to participants and provide this verification to individuals who request it for at least three years after completion of the activity.

Three Tiered Fee Schedule for Continuing Education Credits



Free of Charge

Psychology Department faculty, students, & staff

Discounted rate ($10/per credit hour)

Suffolk University community

Full fee ($25/per credit hour)

Outside community members

The fee for all outside community members attended any continuing education events is $25 per credit (i.e., 1 credit per hour at $25/hour). The number of credit hours will be clearly marked on all program advertisements so prospective attendees will know ahead of time how many credits the program is worth. Additionally, a flat rate administrative fee of $100 will be charged to those running continuing education credit events through the Psychology Department.

In order to be eligible for continuing education credits all participants must (1) turn in all associated paperwork such as the Learning Objectives sheet and Satisfaction Evaluation, (2) submit payment to the Psychology Department by budget line transfer or check made out to Suffolk University for the correct amount (see above), (3) provide documentation of attendance if taken by other means outside of the Psychology Department, (4) submit Curriculum Vitae of the speaker(s), and (5) provide corresponding promotional materials such as brochures, in-house training program documents, or internal program announcements. The deadline for submission of all paperwork and payments in order to ensure timely completion of CE certification is the last day of classes during each academic semester (i.e. Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters).