United Nations Studies Project

The Government Department developed and runs the United Nations Studies Project (UNSP) within the institutional context of the Suffolk University College of Arts and Sciences and, in cooperation with, the Suffolk University Law School.  Co-sponsorships include United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNAGB) and WorldBoston.

The UNSP provides an opportunity of interdisciplinary education, public discussions, and research on a broad range of topics pertaining to the United Nations and multilateralism. It also aims to forge a set of ideas, and to raise U.N. issues and governance to greater prominence in curricula, faculty and student discourse, and research agendas. The focus is on UN studies in direct cooperation with the United Nations (UN) and the United Nations University (UNU) in order to send a signal that the purposes and principles, enshrined in the UN Charter, namely to maintain international peace and security matter. These activities are well suited to provide practical educational tools for currently enrolled students, visiting fellows, U.N. personnel, and others with needs for concrete knowledge to apply in their careers. Those interested in U.N. and international careers, will be enriched not only by the technical knowledge and skills they need, but by experience with other fields of action, critical studies, networks of scholars and practitioners.

The UN Studies Project (UNSP) offers a four pillar set of activities which includes:
a) UN Senior Lecturer Program (open to the public, mainly on campus)
b) Semester Courses on UN related topics (for students at Suffolk University)
c) Study visits to the United Nations and Permanent Missions to the United Nations in New York
d) Student Research Papers

Co-Chairs of the United Nations Studies Project, Suffolk University

Dr. Luise Druke, Senior Lecturer, Government Department, Suffolk University 
Prof. Judy Dushku, Government Department, Suffolk University
Dr. Roberto Dominguez, Government Department, Suffolk University 

Student Research Papers

UN Senior Lecturer Program

The UN's Role in Global Diplomacy Today
Annual talk with UN Senior Lecturer, Prof. Alan Henrikson
Watch the lecture.

Mobilizing for Refugee Protection
Reflections on the UNHCR & 1951 Refugee Convention, Dr. Luise Druke
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Governance and Development Challenges: A case study from the field
Jamshed M. Kazi

Economic and Social Issues on the UN Agenda: with Focus on the Millennium Development Goals
Sophie Becker
Watch the lecture.

The United Nations: Then and Now
Sir Brian Urquhart
Watch the lecture.

Problem of Military Force for Humanitarian Intervention
Professor Thomas M. Nichols, Harvard University
Watch the lecture.

Challenges Facing the United Nations
Ambassador Peter Maurer
Watch the lecture.

Forced Migration - The Evolution of International Refugee Law and Organization
Professor Guy S. Goodwin Gill
Watch the lecture.

Serving the World: Overview of managing a career in the UN System, how to build a competitive profile and how to navigate application processes.
John Erikson, Lynne Rosenberg, and Michael Emery

Critical Issues of the Haiti Humanitarian Response
Michel Gabaudan
Watch the lecture.

Cataloging expectations of the UN and the multilateral system
James Carroll
Watch the lecture.

The 2010 Education for All Global Monitoring Report "Reaching the marginalized"
Irina Bokova and Dr. Jean-Marc Coicaud
Watch the lecture.

Progress of Work at the International Criminal Court (ICC)
Luis Ocampo Moreno
Watch the lecture.

Human Rights and Transnational Corporations
Professor John Ruggie
Watch the lecture.

UN Humanitarian Field Missions and Civil Military Cooperation
Diego Osorio

Managing the Safety and Security of UN Missions
Claude Bruderlein
Watch the lecture.

Preventive Diplomacy in Human Rights and Refugee Policy
Patrick Floods and Peter Rothen
Watch the lecture.

Preventive Role by the UN Security Council & UN Peacekeeping
Ian Johnstone
Watch the lecture.

From Civil War to Fragile Democracy: The Role of the UN in Post-conflict Peace building in Cambodia
Stephen P. Marks
Watch the lecture.
See the lecture notes.

The First Years of the International Criminal Court
Christine H. Chung
Watch the lecture.

Practice of Preventive Diplomacy by the Secretaries-General
Jean Marc Coicaud
Watch the lecture.

Practice of Preventive Diplomacy Conflict Management and Prevention
Prof. Eileen F. Babbitt, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Watch the lecture.

The United Nations: The Beginning
Prof. Larry Finkelstein, Member U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
Watch the lecture.

Human Rights and China
Prof. Hurst Hannum, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Watch the lecture.

Legacy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Justice Richard Goldstone

Call to Action on Global Challenges
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
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The United Nations and Global Public Health
Dr. Sunil Amrith, Birkbeck College

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet
Jeffrey D. Sachs

Challenges and Opportunities from Organizational Perspectives UN in Knowledge Globalization
Abdur Chowdhury, Director, UN Economic Commission for Europe

UN Peacemaking
Panel with Basma Fakri, Serif Turgut and Bjorn Klouman Bekken, Harvard

UN Studies from different perspectives
Panel with Peter Smith, CSUN, Judy Dushku and Luise Druke, Suffolk

Invoking the Rule of Law in Post-Conflict Rebuilding: A Critical Examination
Balakrishnan Rajagopal, MIT

Panel on UN Peacekeeping
Panel with Nicole Delaney and Vincent Smith, UN

The changing relation between the United Nations and non-state actors
Prof. Andrea Liese, Humboldt University, Berlin

Children in Humanitarian Emergencies
Andrea Rossi, fm. UNICEF, Harvard

Justice 2018: Charting the Course
Judge Thomas Buergenthal, International Court of Justice, Brandeis

Public Law as Law of the 'Res Publica'
Elisabeth Zoller, Paris II

Panel on the occasion of International Women's Day
Panel also in the context of GVT 4/688 “UN & Humanitarian Governance”

The Changing Role of UNHCR: Internal Displacement, Mixed Migration and other new Challenges
Dr. Judith Kumin, UNHCR Regional Office Brussels

UN and National Human Rights Institutions
Morten Kjaerum, UN Cttee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination