• Spring 2008

    Dr. Luise Druke, Leibniz University Hannover

    "The emerging Common European Asylum System in an area of Freedom, Security and Justice? Fortress Europe and post 2003 Iraqi Asylum-seekers".

  • Fall 2007

    Teri Fair, Government Department

    "Methodological Issues When Considering Race/Ethnicity and Public Policy"

    Micky Lee, Communication and Journalism Department

    "How to think about intellectual property of open source software from a feminist political economic perspective."

  • Spring 2007

    Dr. Ines Katenhusen, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität, Hannover

    “German Perceptions of the EU and European Integration”

    John C. Berg, Suffolk University

    "Gay Marriage: The Evolution of an Issue in Massachusetts"

  • Fall 2006

    Pablo Toral, Beloit College

    "Latin America’s Quest for Globalization: The Role of Spanish Firms"

    Miguel Schor, Suffolk University Law School

    "Squaring the Circle: Democratizing Judicial Review and the Counter-Constitutional Difficulty"

    Rachael Cobb, Suffolk University

    "Who Nominates? Primaries, Parties, and Gubernatorial Elections”

  • Spring 2006

    Christiane Lemke, Hannover University

    “Reshaping Europe: EU Expectations and Reality in the Case of Turkey”