My Background

From my earliest years I have always enjoyed art of any form…. in my free time I would be found sketching out my dream house and planning interior spaces. As I grew into my teen years I, unfortunately, abandoned all of that. In my college search I found myself looking at schools to study marketing and fell in love with Suffolk University and Boston. During my time taking undergraduate classes on the main campus, I enjoyed my course of study, but I was also looking for a creative release and did not necessarily see myself in the business world.With a few elective classes to fill I started off taking the Introduction to Interior Design class at the School of Art & Design and it truly changed everything for me. This class showed the design process in a super-condensed fashion and I found it very exciting and rewarding. I knew from that point forward that this was something I wanted to turn into a career.

My Path to Grad School

Coming from a business background, I worried that I had so much work to prepare for grad school since I didn’t have a portfolio. When I learned about the Pre-Graduate Summer Program it put all my worries to rest. This very unique program made my school decision easy, as I had already had a positive experience at the School of Art & Design.I started the Pre-Grad program three weeks after graduating undergrad and have not looked back! The first few weeks were tough; it was a complete shift from business school. It helped me realize and appreciate how much time and dedication goes into this field, and how this program at Suffolk truly prepares its students to tackle any sort of interior design challenge.Currently I am in thesis design… it is truly amazing how much I have grown with my skill set and design knowledge in these few short years. I recommend Suffolk’s programs to anyone who has a passion for Interior Design and is ready to embark on a career that is exciting and ever-changing.