Ben nesad


  • Awarded a solo exhibition upon graduation at Boston's Gallery Naga.
  • Studio Assistant for renowned Boston-based artists and filmmakers, Lana Caplan and John Guthrie.
  • Teaching Assistantships - the Museum of Fine Arts, the Cloud Foundation and Suffolk University's Pre-College Program
  • Curatorial Assistantship - Suffolk University Art Gallery

Artist Statement

The catalyst for my exploration of identity and how it evolves over time originally came from a self-portraiture project. The idea that various idiosyncratic objects can define a person appeals to me. I believe the key to better understanding who we are correlates to specific time periods. To articulate that concept visually, I assumed the role of a fictitious “writer” and developed that character through storytelling installations using a variety of mediums– writing, video, photography, sound. I set the narratives in the 50's and 60's, partly because the time period’s aesthetic interests me. These nostalgic, yet contemporary installations serve as a veil through which present actions can be examined and re-evaluated. My character is a harbinger of sorts– traveling back in time to better understand the contemporization of universal issues like love, hate and hardship. That’s where the duality of the work resides.