Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences at Suffolk University. Although more than 25 years have passed since I arrived here as an Assistant Professor of History, I still relish my daily walk up historic Beacon Hill to the college at the summit of the "city upon a hill," as Massachusetts' first governor, John Winthrop, called it in 1630. Winthrop envisioned Boston as a shining example for the entire world to see.

Since 1906, Suffolk University has been a shining example in its realm, a beacon of educational opportunity and innovation. That is why I have remained here for all these years, why I love this college, and why I invite you into our website to explore what a Suffolk liberal arts and sciences education means today.

Suffolk University began as a night school for aspiring lawyers and has grown into a complex university bubbling with intellectual and creative ferment.

In the College of Arts & Sciences, we now offer more than 40 undergraduate concentrations and an expanding array of graduate programs. In recent years we have added depth to our academic offerings and breadth to our physical campus, but we have never lost the sense of community or the dedication to excellence that distinguishes us from other urban universities.

The proof is in the people. Our faculty hails from the greatest institutions of higher learning in the world and they produce important scholarship in their fields. But their major focus at Suffolk is on teaching. Here, we maintain our commitment to small classes, individualized attention, and careful advising.

Not surprisingly, students thrive here, as they encounter new ideas, interact with peers and professors from around the globe, and venture into one of the liveliest cities in the world. Our students learn high theory and they learn practical skills. They receive a real world education that engages both the intellect and the imagination, by encompassing the local and the global, the personal and the societal.

An education here on the crest of the "city upon a hill" gives students an educational experience of enduring value. As the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson put it, "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." At Suffolk, we strive for nothing less than an education that will linger and generate new meanings throughout a lifetime.

Now, I invite you to linger. Explore these pages. Visit our campus. Ask questions. Get to know us. My door is always open to you.

Kenneth Greenberg, Dean