The faculty members who teach at the School of Art & Design are among the region's most talented artists and designers. Their professional experience and academic training allow them to offer students a diverse and extensive range of perspectives. Our current faculty is comprised of visual arts educators from 15 different countries, providing students with a unique opportunity to pursue their art and design studies within a global framework.

All faculty members are required to be practitioners in their fields, so they bring the most current knowledge of their respective disciplines to the classroom. Constant exposure to this real-world experience is key to our alumni’s success and is consistent with the school’s mission to train students to enter the work force with a mastery of contemporary visual arts skills, including the latest design trends and technologies.

Full-Time Faculty

Fine Arts & Foundation

Randal Thurston, Program Director, Foundation Studies & Fine Arts
Ilona Anderson, Foundation Assistant Program Director
Audrey Goldstein, Chairperson

Interior Architecture & Design

Karen Clarke, MA Program Director
Nancy Hackett, BFA Program Director

Graphic Design

Laura Golly, BFA Program Director
Rita Daly, MA Program Director
Wallace Marosek


Lisa French

Professor Emeritus

Harry Bartnick