Mission Statement

The President's Commission on Diversity Affairs strives to ensure equity for the many ways that diversity and inclusion are expressed in the Suffolk University community. The Commission is specifically concerned with issues related to but not limited to gender, identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, interfaith, ability, gender equity or national origin. The Commission provides public advocacy and recommendations on diversity related issues. The Commission is dedicated to the on-going process of enhancing the ways in which Suffolk University welcomes, values, and supports diverse members of the campus community and their allies.

What We Do

  1. Community Building – we plan events, outings that build our diverse community across schools.
  2. Current Issues/Programming – we plan the intra-community and community events; we inform the Commission and our community about current issues.
  3. Policy and Procedure – we review current policies and procedures and recommend the need for new policies and procedures or changes to current policies and procedures.
  4. Communication/Social Media – we create and update our web presence and conduct outreach.
  5. Exploration – we research and learn about topics that the Commission or Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO) bring forward.

While the PCDA is concerned with any instances of harassment or discrimination, we do not hear or resolve such cases. Please see the university’s Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment for resources on how to report such instances and for information on confidential resources. Please note while we do respect privacy we are not a confidential resource.


The Commission consists of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and 15 members faculty, staff and students from the Law School, the Sawyer Business School, the College of Arts and Sciences, and Administration. The members of the Commission and the Office/Department they work in are as follows:

Nicole Price, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Co-chairs, PCDA

  • Mark Blodgett, Business Law and Ethics
  • One vacancy

Faculty members

  • Mark Blodgett, Business Law and Ethics
  • Micky Lee, Communication and Journalism
  • Sandy Matava, Public Management
  • Ragini Shah, Law Clinical Programs
  • One vacancy

Administration/staff members

  • Michael P. dello Iacono, Moakley Archive & Institute
  • Jacinda Felix Haro, Office of Diversity Services
  • Kelly Rush, Law School Admissions
  • Two vacancies

Student members

  • Jonathan Jose Angel Acosta Abi Hassan, Student
  • Jhenna Louis, Student
  • Three vacancies