Graduate Joint Degree Programs


CJMH  Criminal Justice/Mental Health  $1,056 
PAPS       Political Science/Public Administration  $1,101 
PACJ  Criminal Justice/Public Administration  $1,102 
MHPA      Public Administration/Mental Health Counseling  $1,048 
MBMF    Business Administration/Finance  $1,308 

 Please note: All charges shown are per semester and per credit.

Law Joint Degree Programs

Visit the Suffolk University Law School page for program information.

JD/MBA, Business Administration  $1,700 
JD/MPA, Public Administration  $1,550 
JD/MSIE, International Economics  $1,557 
JD/MSF, Finance  $1,636 
JD/MSCJ, Crime & Justice Studies  $1,583 

 Please note: All charges shown are per semester and per credit.

Explanation of Joint Degree Charges

Students enrolling in the joint degree programs pay a specific tuition rate that reflects the cost and the value of both degrees provided in the joint degree program.

If a student chooses to enroll in a joint degree program after attending as a law student, they will be charged a different tuition rate for their first year as a joint degree student. This adjusted rate reflects the cost of what the student would have paid if they were enrolled in a joint degree program during their first year.

For the following years, students will be charged the specific tuition rate for their particular joint degree program.

Example (does not reflect actual costs):
• A student enrolling in the first year as a joint degree student will pay $1500 per credit.
• A student who is enrolled in a separate degree program electing to enroll in the joint degree program will pay $1800 per credit their first year and for the following years will pay $1500 per credit.

  • Bar Dues & Grad Student Association Fees


      Semester charge 
    Bar dues - Law day  $60 
    Bar dues - Law evening  $45 
    GSA - Full-time  $25 
    GSA - Part-time  $25 

     Joint degree students attending classes in both the Law School and the College of Arts & Sciences or the Sawyer Business School are charged bar dues as well as the grad student fee

  • Sawyer Business School Online Course Fees


      Cost per course 
    1 credit course  $85 
    1.5 credit course  $85 
    3 credit course  $125 


  • Sawyer Business School Entry Fees


    Entry Fee (exemption: MPA, MHA, XMBA, GDPA)  $300 
    Entry Fee (MHA or MPA)  $225 


  • Miscellaneous Fees


    Returned check  $25 
    On Call International travel fee  $50 
    Health insurance 


  • Late Registration Fees


    Weeks of class 
    1 & 2  $50 
    3 & 4  $100 
    after 4  $250