You may use COS Funding Opportunities to search over 25, 000 records representing over 400,000 individual funding opportunities from numerous sponsors across all disciplines. Let COS Funding Opportunities do the work for you. Create a search and save it, then run it again whenever you wish. You can also share it with others so they can run the search for themselves.

You can save an unlimited number of searches. You can also track an unlimited number of COS Funding Opportunities records on your COS Workbench, and then receive same-day notification via e-mail and online when a change is made to your tracked records. Organize your tracked records with tags, and share them with others. Use COS Funding Alert as a link between your COS Expertise profile and COS Funding Opportunities to receive new and relevant funding information via e-mail every week.

COS can be accessed via any computer with a Suffolk University IP address. Once a user account has been created, the database can be accessed by logging in from any computer connected to the internet. Please contact Kate McCormick in the ORSP with any questions or to schedule a training session.

COS Instructional Tutorials

COS Funding Opportunities Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Using COS Funding Opportunities (pdf)

Using COS Funding Alert (pdf)

Sharing Searches and Creating Funding Links (pdf)

COS Funding Opportunities Dos and Don'ts (pdf)