As Suffolk students move out of residence halls it’s easy for them to donate items, such as books, clothes, shoes, furniture, and canned goods, thanks to a program called Dump and Run, coordinated by Facilities Planning & Management and Residence Life, in partnership with the Dump and Run organization. Dump and Run is one of Suffolk’s sustainability initiatives, meant to reduce waste output, save money, and benefit area organizations.

In spring 2013, during Suffolk’s 7th Annual Dump and Run, students contributed over 6,600 pounds of material. Students play an active role not only by donating items, but also by helping to run the program. Junior Sociology major Careese Peters led the charge for this year’s Dump and Run at Suffolk. The following organizations benefited from these contributions:

  • Boston Building Resources-Reuse Center
  • Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries, Inc.
  • Dump and Run
  • Greater Boston Food Bank

Recipient organizations expressed their gratitude. “On behalf of our members, many of whom will reap the benefits of your donation, we thank you," said Paul Kiefer, Donations Manager at the Boston Building Resources-Reuse Center.

“These donations will help support our jobs training program and provide people with valuable work experiences. Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries looks forward to a continued strong partnership with Suffolk University. Thanks again for a great event!” commented Bill LaBelle, Director of Operations at Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries, Inc.