What is Suffolk’s current enrollment?

For Fall 2014 Suffolk University’s enrollment for all students on all campuses is 8,321.

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What is Suffolk’s enrollment breakdown by ethnicity?

Undergraduate, all campuses:

  • Minority- 1,465 (26% of total undergraduate students)
  • International- 1,219 (22% of total undergraduate population)
  • White - 2,143
  • Unknown - 669

Graduate, all campuses:

  • Minority - 272 (20% of total graduate students)
  • International – 235 (17% of total graduate population
  • White - 723
  • Unknown - 135


  • Minority - 361 (25% of total law students)
  • International - 65 (4% of total law population)
  • White – 996
  • Unknown - 38

Total, all campuses:

  • Minority - 2,098 (25% of total students)
  • International – 1,519 (18% of total student population)
  • White – 3,862
  • Unknown – 842
Please visit the OIRA Fast Facts for more information 

What is Suffolk’s enrollment breakdown by gender?

Undergraduate, all campuses:

  • Female – 3,049
  • Male – 2,447

Graduate, all campuses:

  • Female - 832
  • Male - 533


  • Female - 823
  • Male – 637


  • Female – 4,704
  • Male – 3,617
Please visit the OIRA Fast Facts for more information 

What is the Retention Rate?

Undergraduate for Fall 13 to Fall 14: 75.6%

Graduate for Fall 13 to Fall 14: 71.0%

For more information visit our HEOA page.

What is the Graduation Rate?

The six-year graduation rate for first-time full-time new freshmen (Fall 2008 Cohort): 54.5%

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What is Suffolk’s Tuition?

Tuition and fees:




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How do I request data?

Fill out our Information Request form.

How do I request a Qualtrics Account?

Fill out an Account request form.

I am working on a project and will need data from your office, how much advance notice should I give you?

We ask that you give us 7-10 working days to fulfill your request, but would appreciate as much advance notice as you can give us.

I am just looking for basic consumer information.

The Suffolk experience webpage is a great place to start.

The schools also have their own webpages.

If you are looking for information related to the Student-Right-to-Know, visit our HEOA page.

Do you still do survey development?

Yes, you can contact Megan Daley for more information on survey development.

Who works in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment?

Please see our Contact Us page for more information.

Where is the office located?

We are located on the 13th floor of 73 Tremont Street on the Boston Campus.

Mailing address: 8 Ashburton Place/Boston, MA 02108

What if I have more questions?

You can email us at OIRA@suffolk.edu.

You can also contact any of us directly.