If you are a returning student and need to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the University, you need to complete an official withdrawal or leave of absence form from the Office of Student Affairs. Financial liability will be based upon the date that the form is received.  Law students need to contact the Office of the Registrar to file a withdrawal or leave of absence.

If you are an incoming student, contact the appropriate admissions office.

Please note: Students are responsible for notifying the University if they plan to withdraw. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal or dropping a course.

If you withdraw or take a leave of absence, you could be ineligible for scheduled financial aid. Charges that were to be covered by financial aid, would then become your responsibility.

For more information on determining potential financial liability, please contact your Financial Aid Office.

Remember to check your account summary for your remaining tuition balance and adjustments to your financial aid award, if any, after your leave of absence or withdrawal form has been processed.

Please note: Collection and attorney fees will be added to delinquent accounts.  Learn more about our collections policy.