A check request is different from a purchase order in that it should be used to pay individuals and used when no invoice will be issued. Download the form [XLS] and review the instructions below for its proper use.

Note: This form is NOT to be used for employee reimbursement. For payments to employees, see the Travel & Expense section on this website.

How to use a Check Request

  1. Fill out the check request completely (be sure to put a check-mark in the "Mail" or "Hold" block and obtain all proper signatures).
  2. Attach the proper documentation from the contract with the vendor/independent contractor. University Contract Policy [PDF].
  3. Attach the original copy of any form that is to be mailed out with checks. If you plan to pick up the check and mail it yourself, attach a copy of the form.

Due to the check preparation process itself, only those check requests that are received in the Business Office by 4:45pm on Wednesday will be available for pick up on Friday at noon. During holidays weeks, check with the Business Office for special schedules.

Other considerations

  • Checks will not be sent through interoffice mail
  • Addresses are necessary in all cases

A completed tax form is required for ALL new vendors.

For this purpose, a vendor is defined as any person or organization being paid from Accounts Payable. Students (regardless if they are also employees/work study) ARE subject to this requirement when acting as Independent Contractors.

The required tax form(s) are as follows:

  • For a person or organization that has a US tax ID (a Social Security number or Employer Identification Number) the required form is a W-9 [PDF] that must be signed.
  • For a foreign individual payee who performs a service within the US, a W8BEN form [PDF] and a Foreign National Information Form (FNIF) [PDF] are required along with other documentation as noted as such on the FNIF. These forms are required each time work is performed as the Visa status may have changed.
    • Please note: depending on Visa and tax status of the payee, the IRS may require Suffolk University to withhold (and remit to the IRS) up to 30% of the payment.

If the payment is for reimbursement of expenses only, it will not be processed as taxable.


  • For a foreign individual payee who performs a service outside of the US, a W8BEN [PDF] is required. On line 10 of the form next to the percent (%) sign the payee should put in 0 (zero). Also on line 10 after Explain the reasons...The payee should type in "all work perform in (insert country other than US), no work performed in US".
  • For a foreign entity payee, a W8BEN-E form [PDF] is required. If work was performed outside the US, see instructions above and apply to line 15 of form W8BEN-E [PDF].