A check request is different from a purchase order in that it should be used to pay individuals and used when no invoice will be issued. Download the form [XLS] and review the instructions below for its proper use.

Note: This form is NOT to be used for employee reimbursement. For payments to employees, see the Travel & Expense section on this website.

How to use a Check Request

  1. Fill out the check request completely (be sure to put a check-mark in the "Mail" or "Hold" block and obtain all proper signatures).
  2. Attach the proper documentation from the contract with the vendor/independent contractor. University Contract Policy [PDF].
  3. Obtain proper approvals in accordance with the Payment & Procurement Authorization Policy.
  4. Attach the original copy of any form that is to be mailed out with checks. If you plan to pick up the check and mail it yourself, attach a copy of the form.

Due to the check preparation process itself, only those check requests that are received in the Business Office by 4:45pm on Monday will be available for pick up on Friday at noon providing no additional information or documentation is needed. During holidays weeks, check with the Business Office for special schedules.

Other considerations

  • Checks will not be sent through interoffice mail
  • Addresses are necessary in all cases

A completed tax form is required for ALL new vendors.

For this purpose, a vendor is defined as any person or organization being paid from Accounts Payable. Students (regardless if they are also employees/work study) ARE subject to this requirement when acting as Independent Contractors.

The required tax form(s) are as follows:

  • For a person or organization that has a US tax ID (a Social Security number or Employer Identification Number) the required form is a W-9 [PDF] that must be signed.
  • For a foreign individual payee who performs a service within the US, a W8BEN form [PDF] and a Foreign National Information Form (FNIF) [PDF] are required along with other documentation as noted as such on the FNIF.  Here are the instructions for the W8BEN for your convenience.  These forms are required each time work is performed as the Visa status may have changed.
    • Please note: depending on Visa and tax status of the payee, the IRS may require Suffolk University to withhold (and remit to the IRS) up to 30% of the payment.

If the payment is for reimbursement of expenses only, it will not be processed as taxable.


  • For a foreign individual payee who performs a service outside of the US, a W8BEN [PDF] is required. On line 10 of the form next to the percent (%) sign the payee should put in 0 (zero). Also on line 10 after Explain the reasons...The payee should type in "all work perform in (insert country other than US), no work performed in US".
  • For a foreign entity payee, a W8BEN-E form [PDF] is required. If work was performed outside the US, see instructions above and apply to line 15 of form W8BEN-E [PDF].