Time Off

All staff will enter time off requests through Workday.  You have five options – vacation, health absence, bereavement, jury duty and unpaid time off.   You can (and should) enter all time off requests, no matter how far in the future they are.  If your plans change, you can change in Workday, too.

For example, jury duty summons come out about three months before the date of jury duty.   Request the day as soon as you receive the summons.  If your obligation for jury duty is cancelled on the day before you are to serve, simply cancel your request.

You may also enter time off after you have taken it.   For example, if you have an unexpected health absence you may enter it when you return to work.

After you submit your time off request your manager will have the ability to approve or deny your request.


Time Entry:

Hourly staff will enter time through Workday – no more paper time sheets!  This video shows you how to enter the time you work and correct any previous time entries.

It is important that you make daily time entry a part of your routine.  Remember, too, to submit your time for the week on your last work day (typically Friday).