Stationery includes letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. Like other publications, stationery items are external representations of an organization. They serve as symbols of what the organization stands for, and can give the public an indication of that organization's standards of quality. Stationery items in particular are often an individual's first introduction to Suffolk University Law School. Therefore it is important that the stationery be of the highest quality and that a consistency of presentation be maintained.

The office of communications seeks to standardize the use of stationery items throughout the Law School. Doing so minimizes expenditures for such items, and importantly presents an attractive and unified graphic identity for the University.

Departments and individuals are not authorized to place orders for nonstandard stationery items unless the order has been approved by the director of communications.

How to Order Stationery

If you are a member of the Suffolk Law faculty, Suffolk Law Review or Moot Court Board, you should contact your assistant.

All others should direct their stationery needs to the assigned representative in his/her department who will place the order.

The online order form can be found at, however, access to this site requires a password which can be obtained from the director of communications.

The office of communications previews all orders before the order is approved and sent to the printer. The costs of all printing will be charged to your budget.