LAW Business Planning

Mr.     TBA,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

General survey of the basic factors to be considered in the organization, financing, operation, and liquidation of the non-public business venture. These factors will be examined within a choice of entity framework. Proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, business trusts and corporations will be covered. There will be an emphasis on federal taxation of these entities. The course will have a skills component. Students will become involved in the drafting of various documents (partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, etc.) important to these entities. Students will be graded on the basis of a required paper (relevant topic to be selected by student), class discussion of the paper's subject matter, and performance in the skills component. The paper may be used to satisfy the writing requirement.

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Meets Skills Menu Requirement

pointer    Meets Financial Services Concentration Requirements

pointer    May Fulfill Legal Writing Requirement

pointer    Final Paper Required

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