LAW-2288 Mediation

Ms. Ericka B. Gray,

3 credits day; 3 credits evening.

May not also enroll in Alternative Dispute Resolution.Students using this course to fulfill the experiential learning requirement may not also use this same course to meet the legal writing requirement.

This course introduces you to the theory and skills of mediation, examines current legal and policy issues in the field, surveys the practice of mediation in a range of areas including family, public policy, and commercial, and provides the opportunity to practice techniques as mediators and advocates in the mediation process through simulations. Note: While the class is regularly scheduled to meet once per week, there will additional sessions scheduled for Friday afternoon, October 24, 2014 and Saturday, September 27th to fulfill the training requirements. Students will complete a research paper in lieu of a final examination, which will fulfill the upper-level writing requirement.

Note: For students who wish to acquire a 40-hour Mediation Skills Training Certificate of Completion, an additional one credit course will be offered during the January 2015 intersession (January 12-16). Such a certificate is among the minimum requirements by many mediation providers/government agencies to join their rosters of mediators.

  Prerequisite: Negotiation

pointer    Enrollment is limited: 20 

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Meets Skills Menu Requirement

pointer    Meets Civil Litigation Concentration Requirements

pointer    Meets Health/Biomedical Concentration Requirements

pointer    May Fulfill Legal Writing Requirement

pointer    Meets Experiential Learning Requirement

pointer    Final Paper Required

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