LAW E-Commerce and the Law

Mr. Alexander C. Gavis,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

Not offered 2012-2013

This course examines the legal issues arising from the pervasive use in the United States of the Internet, mobile devices and other electronic communications systems for consumer commerce. Our goal will be to examine the various ways in which the law has recently developed to address the use of web sites and other communications for commerce. We will examine case law and statutes that impact on how electronic commerce operators conduct business and the role of these developments in protecting public and consumer interests. Along the way, we will attempt to identify unique e-commerce-based activities and communications that may not have analogous representations in the off-line world and that do not fit well within existing legal structures. We will discuss how new or alternative legal structures to address these activities have and will develop over time. Also, we will spend some time addressing the critical issue of consumer privacy and how it is reflected in the online world. Our work will carry us, among other things, into the areas of commercial, contract, copyright/trademark, tort, privacy and consumer protection laws.

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Meets Financial Services Concentration Requirements

pointer    Meets Intellectual Property Concentration Requirements

pointer    Final Exam Required

pointer    LLM Course

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