LAW Pretrial Federal Criminal Practice

Prof. Bernadette Feeley,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

Students may not receive credit for both this course and Pretrial Criminal Litigation. Grades are based upon preparation and performance on assigned oral exercises and written submissions. Not offered 2013-2014.

This course focuses on procedural rules, oral advocacy skills and writing skills for the pretrial phase of criminal litigation. The primary focus will be on pretrial criminal practice in federal courts and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure dealing with preliminary proceedings, indictment, arraignment and preparation for trial. Students will argue on behalf of the government or defense at several pretrial stages including arraignment, detention, and pretrial motions. Students will draft several documents related to these stages and write and argue one substantive pretrial suppression motion.

Faculty comments: Pre-trial Federal Criminal Practice is a combination of lectures and participatory simulations. Students are graded on a combination of written legal memoranda, class oral advocacy exercises, and class participation. Class participation counts for 10% of the grade. Areas of focus for the class are pretrial federal practice in general, with specific class exercises involving detention hearings, grand jury presentations, and suppression motions.

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