LAW Intensive Research and Writing: Law Practice Simulations

Ms. Jeanie Fallon,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

This intensive, one-week class seeks to provide students with the experience they would have as new attorneys working in a variety of settings, while providing specific instruction to improve problem-solving, research, and writing skills. Each day, students will arrive to find a new legal problem laid out for them to solve. In class, students will work together, and with professors and practicing attorneys, to hone these advanced legal research, problem-solving, drafting and legal writing skills. For example, students may be asked to negotiate a settlement agreement, and then draft that agreement. In order to successfully do so, students will do guided online research, may interview the client, and will hear tips on negotiating and drafting settlement agreements from a practicing attorney. Recognizing that students frequently receive the most intense legal research training from commercial online legal research providers, and that most students have focused their legal writing efforts on litigation-based writing, this class will focus on developing lower-cost and free legal research skills using online alternatives to WestLaw and Lexis, and on legal drafting.

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<<Course Updated: June 30, 2014>>