LAW Legal Document Automation

Mr. Marc Lauritsen,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

Not offered 2015-2016.

Automated document drafting systems are used by law firms, corporate legal departments, legal services organizations, courts, and self-helpers. They can operate as power tools for skilled practitioners, and as lawyer substitutes for consumers and business people. This hands-on course will introduce the field of legal document automation. Students will learn how to create systems that assemble documents from answers to interactive questionnaires. We’ll also explore such questions as: What challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities do these systems pose for lawyers? What ethical and policy considerations do they raise? What are their business and career implications? Can governments and non-profits leverage them to improve access for those who can’t afford lawyers? Does offering smart legal documents directly to consumers constitute the unauthorized practice of law? This is a two credit course. In addition to attending classes, students are expected to spend time reading and watching assigned material and preparing for discussion. No programming experience or other technical background is required.

Summer 2014.

  Elective Course

<<Course Updated: March 15, 2016>>