More than 60,000 Massachusetts public school students are kicked out of school each year; 4,000 of them for two weeks or longer. This number skyrocketed after a 1993 state law gave school principals authority to subjectively suspend or expel students even for minor or vague offenses.

Many of those minors -- especially those who are low-income or indigent -- need advocates.

Clinic Director Isabel Raskin has helped define legal education advocacy work in Massachusetts. She and the clinic students represent hundreds of children each year at school, court, and special education hearings, as well as in mediation/resolution sessions.

Clinic students also may work on policy reports, community education, and legislative initiatives. For instance, Raskin and clinic students were key players in passage of a new state law that will ensure some standards of due process and continuing education for students facing expulsion.

  • Full-year clinic
  • 8 credits (4 credits per semester/letter grade)
  • Contact:  Isabel Raskin, Practitioner in Residence,