Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly recently singled out Suffolk Law School as one of the top Boston schools that have “wholeheartedly embraced” teaching technology as a necessary skill for successful lawyers.

“If graduates have this kind of background, they'll be more attractive to clients than if they came out of law school just knowing how to practice law in the traditional sense,” said Suffolk Law Professor Andrew M. Perlman, director of our new legal tech concentration (and an early Google Glass tester).

Don’t just take our word for it: Read the article.

Innovation Hub: Top 13 in the Nation

The hub of Suffolk Law’s legal tech efforts is its Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation, which was ranked among the top 13 law technology programs by the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force in 2013. Through Director and Law Professor Andrew Perlman, the institute partners with firms and businesses interested in legal tech innovation. The institute offers programs, courses and public lectures to spark public discourse on technology’s transformation of the practice of law and the delivery of legal services.

Law Tech ‘Major’

Our legal tech and innovation concentration is one of the first law school “majors” in the country. We are equipping students with skills for a rapidly evolving legal marketplace. Coursework includes “Lawyering in the Age of Smart Machines,” “Process Improvement and Legal Project Management,” “The 21st Century Legal Profession,” as well as business electives offered at Suffolk’s Sawyer Business School. Students will also take internships with companies and firms with legal tech focus. All of this is part of Suffolk Law’s goal of preparing our graduates for practice on Day One.