JD/MBA (4 years day/5 years evening)

Suffolk University Law School and the Sawyer Business School offer a joint program in law and business management that results in combined JD/MBA degrees after four years of full-time study. It is intended for individuals who wish to pursue careers where both types of professional education would be beneficial.

It is the largest of the joint-degree programs.

Applicants to a joint degree MUST file two applications: one to the Law School and one to the University Graduate Admission Office. Applicants must take the LSAT. If accepted into the JD/MBA program, the LSAT is substituted for the GMAT or GRE score.

Both applications should indicate the selection of the joint degree. The Law School evaluates the application for admission criteria applicable to the Law side of the joint degree. The Graduate Admission Office evaluates the application for admission criteria fo the MBA.

Accelerated JD/MBA (3 years)

The Accelerated JD/MBA Program allows students to complete both a JD and an MBA in three years instead of four. Students enroll in courses for two summer sessions to complete the required number of credits for both degrees. The program allows students to count a limited number of credits toward both degrees, thus reducing the number of credits needed if the degrees were earned separately.

Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum requirements of either the regular or accelerated JD/MBA program are determined by the respective schools. Currently, 115 total credits are required to earn the two degrees. Of these, 72 credits must be taken in required and elective Law School courses; 43 credits must be taken in Sawyer Business School courses. Final programs are approved by each school.

For more info, visit Sawyer Business School's JD/MBA webpage.