Students enrolled in the Children's Advocacy Internship Program will have a unique opportunity to work within government and non-profit organizations to promote child welfare. The dual weekly seminar and field placement give students unique insight into a legal career focused on protecting the most vulnerable members of our society--our children.

Second- and third-year day students and evening students who have completed three semesters are eligible for the Children's Advocacy Internship Program. 

Students must enroll in the two-credit weekly course Child Welfare Internship Seminar as well as an internship placement to complete the requirements of the Children's Advocacy Internship Program. Only after your placement is finalized will you be allowed to register for the two-credit Child Welfare Seminar. The Child Welfare Seminar will be held on Tuesdays from 4-5:50 p.m. in the spring and fall semester.

The seminar includes discussions on legal topics of juvenile justice, child abuse and neglect, and ethical issues. In addition, the seminar includes class discussion of placement experiences as well as guest speakers in the area of juvenile justice and child welfare. Course requirements include a weekly journal of placement experiences, supervision with attorney Mary Sawicki, four in-class advocacy skill exercises and a short paper.

Students will be placed in a variety of agencies or nonprofit organizations that are child-welfare based. The internships may include, but not limited to, placements in the Juvenile Units and Child Abuse Prosecution Units of district attorneys offices, Department of Children and Families Legal Offices, Juvenile Court Judge's Chambers and non-profit children's advocacy organizations. The field placements available require a commitment of either one or two full working days (2-4 credits). Some of the placements, but not all, will require S.J.C. Rule 3:03 certification. All students in placements will be assigned an on-site attorney supervisor from the placement agency.

This program is offered each fall and spring semester. The seminar is a graded course and the field placement is graded for credit or no credit.

Application Process

  • Gain experience at one of these state agencies, nonprofits

    In past years, Suffolk Law students have been chosen for internships in the following agencies, though the number of students per agency varies each semester.

    1. Suffolk DA's Office – Juvenile Unit - Boston (2 placements)
    2. Judges Chambers – Boston Juvenile Court - Boston (2 placements)
    3. Middlesex DA's Off. -Juvenile Prosecution Unit – Lowell, Cambridge, Framingham (3)
    4. Middlesex DA's Office- Child Abuse Prosecution Unit - Woburn (1 placement)
    5. Bristol County DA's Off. – Juvenile Unit – New Bedford (1 placement)
    6. Dept. of Children and Families-Lawrence and Arlington (2 placements)
    7. Plymouth County DA's Office –District Court - Brockton (1 placement)
    8. Worcester DA's Office – Juvenile Prosecution Unit - Worcester (1 placement)
    9. Worcester DA's Office – Child Abuse Prosecution Unit - Worcester (1 placement)
    10. Essex DA's Office – Juvenile Prosecution Unit – Lynn or Lawrence (2 placements)
    11. Office of Child Advocate – Boston (1 placement)
    12. Judges Chambers –Lowell Juvenile Court - Lowell (1 placement)
    13. Judges Chambers –Essex Juvenile Court - Salem (1 placement)
    14. Judges Chambers – Essex Juvenile Court – Lynn (2 placements)
    15. Comm. For Public Counsel Services Children and Family Law -Brockton (1 placement)
    16. Suffolk DA's Office Family Protection and Sexual Assault Bureau - Boston (1 placement)
    17. Dept. of Children and Families Regional Counsel – Worcester (1 placement)
    18. Comm. For Public Counsel Services Children and Family Law Admin. Off.-Boston (1)
    19. Comm. For Public Counsel Services Children and family Law Division – Worcester (1)
    20. Dept. of Children and Families Regional Office – Boston (1 placement)
    21. Dept. of Children and Families General Counsel Office – Boston (1 placement)
    22. Committee for Public Counsel Services CAFL-Appellate Office – Boston(1 placement)
    23. Norfolk District Attorneys Office Juvenile Unit – (2 placements)
    24. Suffolk District Attorneys Office Child Protection Unit (1 placement)