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  • BA, St. Michael's College
  • MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MA, PhD, Stanford University
  • JD, Columbia University

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  • Law of the European Union
  • International Law
  • International Trade Law
  • International Children's Rights


Sara Dillon is Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School, where she has taught a variety of international law subjects since 2001. Between 1994 and 2001, she was a member of the Law Faculty at University College Dublin. During her time in Ireland, Professor Dillon published and lectured in the areas of European environmental law, as well as European and global trade regulation. She co-founded the ngo Friends of the Irish Environment, which was dedicated to the implementation of European environmental law in Ireland. More recently, she has taught and published in the fields of international trade law and policy, as well as public international law and international children's rights. She has authored articles on such subjects as the human rights of social orphans and child sex trafficking. In 2009, she published a reader covering many aspects of international children's rights. Prior to law school, Professor Dillon completed a PhD in Japanese literature, with a minor in Japanese intellectual history, and taught Japanese at the University of Pennsylvania.




INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S RIGHTS (Carolina Academic Press, 2009)


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