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  • BA, University of Birmingham, England
  • JD, Boston University
  • LLM, Harvard University

Bar Admittance

  • MA
  • Federal District Court of Mass.
  • 1st Circuit Court of Appeals
  • U.S. Supreme Court


  • Public International Law
  • The Laws of War


Professor Epps teaches International Law and The Laws of War. During the spring semester 2008, she was a Visiting Professor at Hongik University, College of Law, in Seoul, South Korea where she taught International Law and International Human Rights. She was awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship for the spring semester 2006 to teach International Law and International Human Rights at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. She has also taught at Boston University Law School, Brandeis University, Legal Studies Department and the University of San Diego School of Law’s programs in Paris and Mexico City. She has lectured and served as Co-director of Suffolk’s Summer Program on International and Comparative Law in Lund, Sweden and has lectured on Human Rights for the International Bar Association in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and on International Law for the U.M.K.C. – Suffolk Continuing Legal Education Program in Oxford, U.K.

Professional Activities

Boston Committee on Foreign Relations: Board of Directors, 2009 to present. International Law Association (American Branch): Honorary Vice-President, 2012 to present; Vice-President, 2000-2012; Co-Director of Studies 2006-2011; International Committee on Teaching International Law, 1999-2011; Association of American Law Schools: International Law Section, Chair 2003-2004; Immigration Section Executive Committee: 1992-1994; International Law Students Association: Board of Directors, 2002 to 2006; International Association of Penal Law (American National Section): Board of Directors, 2003 to present. United Nations Association of Greater Boston: Board of Directors, 1998 to present; Center for International Law and Policy: Board of Advisors, 1996 to present.




INTERNATIONAL LAW (5th ed., 2014)


INTERNATIONAL LAW (4th ed., 2009)


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Other Publications

Opposing Armed Attacks, THE KOREA TIMES AT P. 7 ( 2008 ) June 8, 2008 Available at

U.S. No Longer Keeping Its Treaties, THE KOREA TIMES AT P. 9 ( 2008 ) April 27, 2008 Available at:

Kosovo, Tibet: Same or Different?, THE KOREA TIMES AT P. 7 ( 2008 ) March 27, 2008 Available at:

Nuclear States' Double Standard, THE KOREA TIMES AT P. 9 ( 2008 ) March 9, 2008 Available at

INTERNATIONAL LAW VIDEO COURSE Elizabeth F. Defeis, Project Director, Chinese, Russian and Spanish Language Versions ( 1999 ) (on camera contributor)

Enforcing Human Rights, ADVOCATE ( 1994 ) (Suffolk University Law School)

Recent Papers, Panels and Symposia

  • Panelist at Conference on Sovereignty and Intervention, held at Tufts University, Medford, MA. (February 28, 2003): The International Criminal Court: Contested Jurisdiction.
  • New England Cable News interview on Security Council Resolutions on Iraq (November 14, 2002).
  • Panelist at Conference on: The ICTY at Ten: A Critical Assessment of The International Criminal Tribunal Over the Past Decade, held at New England School of Law, Boston (November 9, 2002): The Availability of the Defense of Duress to Charges of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.
  • Lectures at Suffolk - UMKC Summer Law Program, St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University, U.K. 2002: Terrorism and the Laws of War (August 5, 2002); The Legality of Assassinations (August 7, 2002).
  • Address on The Status of the Guantanamo Detainees, held at the Boston Bar Association (March 11, 2002).
  • Panelist at conference on the International Right to Health; held at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.: Managing Globalization to Improve Health (March 20, 2002).
  • Roundtable of Experts on Intermediate Sovereignty: New England School of Law: Sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation (May 4, 2001).
  • Teach-In on Terrorism, Suffolk University Law School (September 20, 2001).
  • ILSA Conference, New England School of Law: Winning Jessup Tactics (November 9, 2001).
  • WBZ Radio Interview and Channel 56 News interview on terrorism (September 12, 2001).
  • CNN interview on 9/11 events (September 21, 2001).
  • Appeared on WGBH Channel 2 Greater Boston on Zacharius Moussoui's indictment (December 12, 2001).
  • Bridging Self-Determination and Territorial Sovereignty: Experts Round Table, Boston (May 4, 2001).
  • Equal Access to Justice: Immigration Law, Boston (March 2, 2001).
  • Globalizing Constitutional Law, AALS Conference (January 4, 2001).
  • Universal Jurisdiction: Permissive or Mandatory, Boston (November 3, 2000).
  • Teaching the Laws of War: Much Too Important to be Left to the Military Academies, New York (October 26, 2000).
  • The Nagorno Karabach Crisis: A Time for Resolution, Conference Panelist: The Right to Self-Determination and Conflict Resolution, American University, Washington D.C. (May 18, 2000).
  • Preventing Genocide Conference: Speaker on The Availability of International Courts, Suffolk University Law School, Boston (April 15, 2000).
  • International Law Association's International Law Weekend Conference Panelist: 1) Innovations in Teaching International Law: International Law Clinics 2) Self-Determination After Kosovo and East Timor, New York (November 6, 1999).
  • International Extradition and the Pinochet Case, Lecture, CLE Program, Oxford, U.K. (August 9, 1999).
  • The War Over Kosovo: A Teach-In Forum, Speaker, The National Lawyers Guild, Suffolk University Law School, Boston (June 3, 1999)
  • Panelist: The Kosovo Crisis and the Use of Force, Christ Church, Cambridge, MA. (April 17, 1999).
  • Navigating the Frontiers of Work Related Immigration CLE Program, Suffolk University Law School, Boston (April 9th, 1999).
  • New England Cable News, Interview on the Kosovo Crisis, April 2nd, 1999.
  • Panelist: Innovations in Teaching International Law; International Law Association, Annual Conference, New York (November 13, 1998).
  • Panelist: The Extradition of Augusto Pinochet; The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (November 16, 1998).
  • Panelist: Peace and Democracy: The Link and the Policy Options; International Law Association, Annual Conference, New York (November 7, 1997).
  • Panelist: The Concept of Self in Self-Determination in the Taiwan/China Context, Conference on Bridging the Taiwan Strait, New England School of Law (October 17, 1997).
  • Panelist: The Implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Conference on Transforming International Law into Reality, The Coalition for a Strong United Nations, Hampshire College Massachusetts (September 27, 1997).
  • Moderator: The Indian Reorganization Act and the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal: Legal Solutions in Sovereign Nations: Annual Academic Convention, Suffolk University, Boston, (March 8, 1997).
  • Panelist: The New Dynamics of Self-Determination: International Law Association, Annual Conference, New York (November 1, 1996).
  • Moderator: The Significance of the United Nations Secretary-General, John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, (October 13, 1996).
  • Panelist, The International Trial of the Century: Reflections on the Yugoslavian War Crimes Tribunal, United Nations Association of Greater Boston, (March 12, 1996).
  • Panelist, The World Court and the International Criminal Court, Conference on Reforming the United Nations, J. F. Kennedy Library, Boston, (November 11, 1995).
  • Moderator: International War Crimes Tribunal: The Case of the Former Yugoslavia; Suffolk University, Boston, (April 28, 1994).