External Summer Public Service Fellowships

The following is a representative list of external summer fellowships for students interested in public service law:

Department of Justice Summer Law Intern Program

Equal Justice America Fellowships

Equal Justice Works Summer Corps

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Summer Legal Intern Program

Massachusetts Bar Foundation Legal Intern Fellowship Program

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination George Napolitano Internship

Peggy Browning Fund Labor Law Summer Internships

Students looking for public service internships and funding for the summer should review the Rappaport Center's resource on Finding and Funding your Public Service Summer Internship.

External Post-Graduate Public Service Fellowships

The following is a list of several major post-graduate public service fellowships:

Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships

Equal Justice Works Fellowships

Equal Justice Works Public Defender Corps

Skadden Fellowships

Soros Justice Advocacy Fellowships

As the universe of post-graduate fellowships is broad, please read the Rappaport Center's resource on Post-Graduate Fellowships: An Overview.

Additionally, PSJD has excellent post-graduate public service fellowship resources, both online and in-print (visit the Rappaport Center to do research in the current edition of The Comprehensive Fellowship Guide - The Ultimate Resource for Law Students & Lawyers).

For information on post-graduate fellowships in government and in public policy, view the Government Honors & Internship Handbook and the Public Policy Handbook, published by the Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona (email the Rappaport Center for login and password information). Also, be sure to periodically check Symplicity for relevant postings.

To further discuss post-graduate fellowships, make an appointment with the Rappaport Center or email Fellowship Advisor Professor Sarah Boonin to set up an appointment. Professor Boonin works closely with the Rappaport Center to cultivate and support fellowship applicants, with a focus on students interested in the Skadden, Equal Justice Works, and Soros Justice Advocacy Fellowships. Professor Boonin is a 2005 recipient of the Skadden Fellowship.

Check out a Podcast discussing the Skadden and Equal Justice Works post-graduate fellowships featuring past fellows from both programs with Professor Boonin and Professor Murthy.

Public Service Scholarships

The law school's Financial Aid Office manages several public service scholarships for students and recent graduates.