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Suffolk Magazine is the online version of Suffolk Alumni Magazine (SAM), the tri-annual publication for the 70,000 graduates of Suffolk University in Boston. Whether you are an alumnus, faculty or staff member, student, or visitor to this dynamic community in the hub of The Hub, this web version is designed for you. Here, you’ll discover profiles of students, past and present, whose ingenuity, passion, talent and commitment to working for the greater good are synonymous with a Suffolk education. You’ll also find digital content available only through this web edition.

Suffolk is not a university of celebrities but of individuals who deserve to be celebrated; people whose work will touch your life. Compelling stories demand skillful storytelling. The writers and artists whose work appears in Suffolk Magazine will be familiar to readers of the nation’s most acclaimed consumer publications. Since 2009, SAM has been recognized with over 30 awards from national organizations in communications and education.

We invite you to experience and participate in this unique community through your feedback.

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Our goal is to create an online space where members of the University community can converse, ask questions, share content and exchange ideas. That said, we strive to maintain a positive, civil atmosphere. To that end, we review and approve comments before they are posted. We reserve the right to delete comments that are inappropriate, obscene, threatening, derogatory, unlawful, irrelevant, commercial or spam. Repeat offenders will be banned. Occasionally, though, we may designate a story as closed to comment.