Professionals with big data skills are in high demand.

Companies need leaders who can turn data into insights and dollars. To match that demand, Suffolk University’s Information Systems and Operation Management Department is launching a new Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program this fall.

Suffolk’s comprehensive MSBA program uniquely balances business analytics and data management. You will understand how data preparation is vital to implementing business analytics—and you will learn to make high-level, data-driven decisions across a wide range of industries. SAS, Excel, and SAP coursework could prepare you for additional professional certifications.

You will also learn to

  • Create value for businesses by studying data using statistical and operations analyses
  • Form predictive and prescriptive models, and communicate their results to stakeholders
  • Create business analytics, use cases, execute analyses, and manage the business analytic lifecycle
  • Develop executive reports and make presentations
  • Apply analytical functions to the fields of marketing, operations, accounting, finance, and innovation
  • Bridge the communication gap between data scientists and less tech-savvy business practitioners