Associate English Professor Peter Jeffreys was recently awarded the 2011 National Translation Prize by the Greek Ministry of Culture. His book, C.P. Cavafy’s Selected Prose Works (University of Michigan Press, 2010), is the first edition of the Greek poet’s prose to appear in English translation.

Jeffreys’ translation includes forty pieces, many of which have not been published before in any language. The selections include essays, "prose poems," short stories, self-assessments, and considerations of other poets, including John Keats. This significant new collection offers a different perspective on the well-known Cavafy.

"This is the first English translation of Cavafy's prose ever gathered and published,” explains Jeffreys. “I hope that the availability of these texts will offer a rich resource for scholars and general readers alike and that the volume will become an indispensable companion for avid readers of Cavafy's poetry, which now attracts a global audience."

C.P. Cavafy’s Selected Prose Works is not the first contribution Jeffreys has made to the study of the celebrated poet. He is also the author of Eastern Questions: Hellenism and Orientalism in the Writings of E.M. Forster and C.P. Cavafy and the editor of The Forster-Cavafy Letters: Friends at a Slight Angle. His new book, The Erotic Sublime: C.P. Cavafy and Literary Decadence, is forthcoming from Cornell University Press.

The prize was shared with Carmen Vilela for her Spanish translation of short stories by Emmanuel Roidis.