• Day, Kate Nace (Law)
    Affirmative action, feminist issues and rights, race and gender, rape and sexual assault
  • Dearborn, Christopher (Law)
    State constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure (state and federal) evidence, forensic science, criminal trial practice
  • DeFillippi, Robert J. (Business)
    Innovation strategy and innovation management, managing creative work and creative workers, career issues of creative workers and knowledge workers, innovation in creative and business services, company organization, international business, product quality management
  • DiBiase, Rosemarie (College)
    Infants and pre-school aged children, social and emotional development in young children, children and parenting, homelessness, psychology
  • Dillon, Sara (Law)
    international business, international trade




  • Eisenstat, Steven M. (Law)
    AIDS/ HIV, health care law
  • Engel, Kathleen (Law)
    Subprime lending, predatory lending, financial services, discrimination law, mortgages, secularization, housing markets, foreclosure, credit, financial regulation