• Sandoe, Anthony B. (Law)
    Trust law
  • Sered, Susan (College)
    Health policy, uninsured Americans, women's health, religion and healing, Jewish women, women's religious activity, incarcerated women, religious rituals, cross-cultural medicine
  • Shah, Ragini (Law)
    Immigration law, U.S. citizen children whose parents are removed from the U.S., immigration enforcement, immigrants rights
  • Shin, Patrick (Law)
    Torts, jurisprudence, professional responsibility, employment discrimination
  • Simard, Linda Sandstrom (Law)
    Civil litigation, pretrial civil litigation, complex litigation, class action litigation, procedure
  • Smith, Keri E. Iyall (College)
    Indigenous peoples, human rights, globalization
  • Smith, Robert H. (Law)
    Education and human services, graduate school in law, mediation, Supreme Court of the United States
  • Solley, Sean (College)
    Design, interior design, sustainable design, built environment universal, inclusive design, interdisciplinary design