For November, 2007, Suffolk's expanding recycling program and heightened awareness resulted in a 55% recycling increase over last November. The pounds increased from 16,000 to almost 25,000. Thank you to faculty, staff, students, and visitors for participating in the program and helping the campus reduce its environmental impact. Thank you to the cleaning, catering, Facilities, and retail staff members for their work making the program run smoothly. Keep up the great work!

Environmental Impact

By recycling 12.4 tons in November, 2007, Suffolk saved:

  • 210 trees (12.4 tons x 17 trees/ton)
  • 86,800 gallons of water (12.4 tons x 7,000 gallons of water)
  • 744 pounds of air pollutants (12.4 tons x 60 pounds of air pollutants)
  • 37 cubic yards of landfill space (12.4 tons x 3 cubic yards of landfill space)

Source: EPA 1st report to Congress and American Paper Institute