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Date Summaries

The summaries of cases for oral argument were prepared by Marc G. Perlin, Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School. The summaries are not an official part of the court proceedings, and are presented so that those who access the website will have a general understanding of the legal issues in the cases set for oral argument.

Impounded Case
Summary unavailable
Phillips v. Equity Residential Management, L.L.C.
Landlord-Tenant-- The issue in this landlord-tenant case, certified to the Supreme Judicial Court by the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, deals with the availability of triple damages and attorney's fees for violation of the Massachusetts Security Deposit Law.
Commonwealth v. Dew
Criminal-- Various issues arising out of conviction for armed robbery, including whether a witness's identification of the defendant should have been suppressed.
Impounded Case
Summary unavailable
Commonwealth v. Lydon
Sentencing-- The defendant is seeking credit for jail time while he was held in custody in lieu of bail.
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This webcast is made available to the general public for informational purposes only and does not constitute an official record of court proceedings.

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