Suffolk University prohibits the possession or use of any items that could be used or are used to harm, or threaten to harm, another individual. Suffolk University strictly prohibits the possession of explosives, loaded or unloaded firearms and any other weapon. The use of any such item in a threatening manner is strictly prohibited on the Suffolk University campus or at any University-sponsored events. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, chemical sprays (with the exception below), knives, switchblades, martial arts weapons, clothing and other items with metallic spokes or studs, ammunition, darts, BB guns and paintball guns, and any other item that may be used to do bodily injury or damage. Suffolk University also prohibits the improper use of laser beam instruments. Suffolk University also prohibits storing of any of those prohibited items in any campus building or on campus grounds. This list of prohibited items is not exhaustive and is provided by way of example only. Therefore, student with questions regarding whether an item is prohibited should consult with the Chief of the Suffolk University Police Department.

Prohibited items will be confiscated and violators may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or referral for disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from Suffolk University.

Temporary exemption to this policy may be granted only by the Chief of the Suffolk University Police Department or his designee.

Students in possession of a valid Firearms Identification (FID) card are permitted to carry mace or pepper spray in campus buildings except University residence halls or leased residential properties. The FID card must be made available to the Suffolk University police upon request.