Permitted Appliances

The following appliances are permitted in all student rooms: TVs, radios, clocks, stereos, fans, electric razors, hair dryers, refrigerators (not larger than 4 cubic feet), microwaves (not larger than 700 watts), single serve coffee makers with no open coil, hot water heater with no open coil and irons (with automatic shutoff).

The following appliances are permitted in the kitchens of apartments at 10 West Street only: toasters, toaster ovens and George Foreman (or similar) grills.

Prohibited Appliances

The use or possession of any of the following appliances is prohibited in all residence hall areas: any item used for cooking that has an open coil; hot pots; coffee pots/coffee makers; hot plates; electric fry pans; oil fryers; and space heaters.

The Department of Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to prohibit any appliance without advanced notice.

Prohibited Items

Residents are subject to fines assessed to a student’s account, confiscation of prohibited items, and/or are subject to disciplinary action for use or possession of prohibited items. Possession of a prohibited item may include any prohibited item that is found in your room, suite or apartment. The Department of Residence Life and Housing and/or SUPD may confiscate prohibited item(s). If Residence Life and Housing confiscates a prohibited item, residents may pick up by the item within fourteen (14) days of confiscation from the Residence Life and Housing Office in the residence hall where the item was confiscated.  Residents may only pick up the item for the purpose of removing the item from the residence hall. Residents are responsible for any charges related to the confiscation of items, including, but not limited to, storage or transportation. All confiscated items that have been confiscated by Residence Life and Housing staff that are not picked up and/or taken home by the resident within 14 days of the confiscation may be disposed of.  Residents who have prohibited items confiscated by SUPD should contact SUPD for information about the items.

The use or possession of the following items is prohibited within University housing:

  • Posters/flyers/artwork, advertisements, decorations, and any other like materials may not be displayed in external facing windows and in public viewing areas (including windows and hallways) unless approved in advance by the Department of Residence Life and Housing
  • Amplifiers and DJ equipment Extension cords and multi-plug outlets (power strips with surge protectors are permitted) 
  • Exterior television or radio antennas, satellite dishes, or any object that protrudes from a window or attaches to the exterior of a residence halls 
  • Wireless routers or any device used to alter University computing equipment or faculities
  • Any device that is used to attach a TV to a wall or door 
  • Halogen, lava, neon signage or other high-intensity lamps
  • Torchiere lamps, spider lamps, or any upward facing bowl lamp or light  
  • Live-cut trees and flammable decorations
  • String lights (including holiday and rope lights)
  • Incense and candles (lit and unlit)
  • Smoking and drug paraphernalia, including but not limited to hookahs, bongs, vaporizers, items used and/or modified to smoke from, marijuana grinders and other smoking paraphernalia
  • Federal, state, university, local, or other signs including, but not limited to, street, directional, crossing signs or work cones
  • Alcohol bottles (includes bottles with and without alcohol in them, and/or decorative alcohol containers)  
  • Alcohol paraphernalia including but not limited to, shot glasses and drinking game devices
  • Alcohol advertisements and signage
  • Waterbeds, air mattresses, hot tubs, pools, jacuzzis, and non-university-issued lofts and cinder blocks
  • Weightlifting apparatus (exercise machines, pullup bars, barbells/ free weights over 25lbs, etc.
  • Electric blankets and/or heating pads
  • Non-university-issued furniture, including, but not limited to, personal mattresses, futons and upholstered furniture
  • Objects that cover any part of a ceiling or more than 50 percent of a single wall or door (including large tapestries)
  • Pepper spray or mace (with or without an FID card)
  • Animals, including fish, except as allowed by the University Animals and Pets Policy or Assistance Animals Policy or Service Animal Policy
  • Banned alcohol, tobacco and drugs per the Smoking Policy and the Student Alcohol and Drug Policy
  • Weapons as described in the Weapons Policy.