Situations sometimes arise in which students feel that they have not been dealt with fairly, do not agree with a policy decision made by an office of the University, or have a complaint about the performance of a member of the staff or faculty of the University. The University has a set of procedures designed to address these kinds of problems. Student Affairs can assist students who have non-academic complaints or grievances and need help in determining the procedures to be followed.

As a general rule, a complaint from a student who is dissatisfied with a situation or event should be directed to the person(s) whose actions or inactions have given rise to the complaint. Whenever possible, every effort should be made to resolve the problem fairly and promptly at that level. In the event that a student is not able to satisfactorily resolve the matter with those directly involved, he or she may pursue the issue within the normal reporting structure (appropriate administrative channels) of the academic or administrative unit.

Students who are uncertain as to the proper procedure to follow for a particular grievance should seek help and information from Student Affairs.