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  • Lockers

    Lockers are assigned at no cost. However each student is required to purchase a padlock at the student's own expense for his or her own locker. Padlocks are not provided by the law school. Lockers are assigned for student use throughout the 2012-2013 academic year beginning August 20, 2012. Student may use the assigned locker while a student at the law school. Any student who withdraws, takes a leave of absence or otherwise chooses not to continue using the assigned locker must notify the Registrar's Office. Locker contents must be removed by June 1st by graduates. Contents not removed will be considered abandoned property and will be removed from locker.

    Unauthorized use of lockers is not permitted.

    Students should be careful with laptops and other valuable personal belongings. Suffolk University is not insured to cover thefts of students' personal belongings and can not be responsible for such losses. Please take this into account when storing personal belongings in lockers.

    Lockers numbered 1-584 are located on the first floor; lockers numbered 585-1002 are located on the second floor; and lockers numbered 1003-1546 are located on the third floor.

    Any student who forgets his or her locker combination and requires the assistance of the Physical Plant department will be charged a $20.00 service fee for padlock removal.