The Humanities Respond to the Pandemic

Faculty, student artists and writers engage the COVID-19 crisis in their work

An Education In Humanity

Service learning, one of the most powerful ways to discover yourself and the world around you, is integral to the Suffolk experience. Suffolk students build connections that improve the lives of others in many ways.

The Journey

The Journey Leadership Program helps Suffolk students learn firsthand in the world beyond campus. Follow a group of students through one-of-a-kind experiences in locations from Boston to Washington, D.C., Florida, and Barbados.

What's the Buzz?

Drone study examines impact of climate change.

The Squirrels Next Door

Student scientists study human impact on urban wildlife

Sound Advice

Sonos worked with Sawyer Business School Marketing students for analysis and recommendations.

The Gourmet MBA

Taking her food blog to the next level

How to Win an Election

“Ready, Set, Run” course gives students the skills to start strong

Living History

Helina has called two continents home—but time in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood opened her eyes to a new world

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