‘We Can Either Give Up on Institutions That Betray Our Values, Or We Can Seek to Repair Them’

Former Washington Post editor Martin (Marty) Baron called on College of Arts & Sciences grads to strengthen the institutions that allow society to endure

Before You Reach for the Stars, ‘Go for a Walk’

Justice Serge Georges Jr. urged Suffolk University Law School Grads to pause and take stock of what they care most about, “not in the law, but in life”

'You have lived through history. Now you have the chance to change history'

Google Chief Health Officer Dr. Karen DeSalvo urges Suffolk grads to make the very most of the powerful lessons the pandemic has taught them

How to Build an Anti-Racist Government

Suffolk students help one of Boston’s most innovative offices address the challenge

Commencement at Fenway!

Classes of 2021 and 2020 ceremonies to be held May 22-23 at the historic ballpark

In the Zoom Where it Happens

Students in this year’s Washington Center Inauguration Seminar questioned the experts as history unfolded

Creating the Dream

Award winners build an inclusive university

The Pandemic’s Effects on Women Around the World

Sawyer Business School marketing students uncover COVID’s global toll on women’s mental health

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