Mistero Buffo

A professional co-production with The Poets' Theatre.

A new American translation by Bob Scanlan & Walter Valeri.
Directed by Bob Scanlan.

March 18 - March 26, 2016

Tickets available here.

Mistero Buffo, by Italian Nobel Laureate Dario Fo, revives the Medieval Mystery Play, with side-splitting modern interpretations of stories from the Gospels. But these “mysteries” turn these familiar tales upside down. A series of virtuoso solo turns, the pieces “flip the script” on conventional morality and sanctimony, revealing the all too common hypocrisy of organized religion, revealing where true Christian values lie in the hearts of ordinary people. It’s provocative, hilarious, and yet deeply moving.

The cast comprises some of the most celebrated actors in the Boston area: Remo Airaldi, Benjamin Evett, and Debra Wise. It’s directed by prize-winning director Bob Scanlan, who also created this original American translation, which captures the joy, fun, and wicked humor of the original.

The production is part of a Festival celebrating the 90th birthday of Dario Fo. Don’t miss this comic tour de force.