MIDNIGHT RIDE, From James Forrestal, first Secretary of Defense, to Donald Trump, last President of the United States

From James Forrestal, First Secretary of Defense
To Donald Trump, Last President of the United States

A reading of a new play by James Carroll, directed by Wesley Savick

October 2, 2017
Time: 7PM
FREE and open to the public. Reservations encouraged.

As the dust settles on World War II, the newly appointed Secretary of Defense James Forrestal makes a series of well-intended but tragic decisions which catapult us to the America of 2017 and beyond. James Carroll's Midnight Ride is a sweeping, mythological re-imagining of history, policy, and human fallibility.

Featuring Nael Nacer (SU’06), Nick Wilson (SU‘09), Ben Evett [Artistic Director of The Poets’ Theatre], Robert Walsh [Artistic Director of the Gloucester Stage Company], and Marianna Bassham. Stage Manager Alycia Marucci (SU‘11).